The Up Great PRO // READING technology competition is intended to stimulate the development of new approaches in the field of machine learning, which will create artificial intelligence capable of deep understanding of the meaning of the text and the analysis of cause-and-effect relationships on a wide range of topics.

The operator of the competition is RVC, the co-organizers are the Skolkovo Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The organizers of the PRO // READING competition have chosen a complex task of text analysis. Moreover, this task is from the real world of education, with the most objective criteria. It allows you to implement an integrated approach that can become universal.

The task of the participants in the PRO // READING competition is to create a system that will reveal semantic errors in the essay: for example, insufficient disclosure of the topic or illogical statements. And then he will explain his position to the author of the essay, schoolchild or student in accessible language.

The competition consists of two types of competition: for Russian-speaking and English-language essays. The winners will receive 100 million rubles each in these two language categories. The competition is divided into several cycles, each of which consists of qualifying and final tests. The first cycle is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. The tests will take place regularly until one of the teams overcomes the technological barrier.

Igor Basko, CEO of Fonemica:

“We have never seen such competitions in Russia before, and we consider this a great undertaking, where many experts will be able to show their skills and talents. As a rule, in such contests, new products are often born that push the entire AI industry to a new round of development. The most valuable thing for teams is real cases and data on which to train algorithms. We have our own solutions for speech recognition, natural language understanding, we apply machine learning and ontology methods, we are a supplier of boxed and custom products and solutions in the field of speech technologies. We see great potential for these technologies for business."

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