On March 5, Igor Basko, co-founder and CEO of the company, conducted a webinar on the use of speech technologies for data scientists, companies aimed at digital business transformation, and technology startups. The webinar was attended by over 800 listeners.

Igor Basko spoke about algorithms for solving real cases of the introduction of speech technologies, and also answered the following questions:

How speech analytics help businesses make decisions;
How to correctly predict customer expectations, process requests and find your niche;
How did Fonemica develop in Russia and how are things with speech technologies in the foreign market (in Europe, Asia and the USA).
Listeners could ask any question they were interested in related to the field of machine learning, neural networks and programming in this direction, and the most active participant received a personal 30-minute consultation from Igor Basko as a gift.

The speaker is Igor Basco, co-founder and CEO of Fonemica. Before starting the business, he worked in London as Vice President of Private Banking & Wealth Management J.P. Morgan, Germany - Vice President of Deutsche Bank's Personal Banking and Private Equity Management. He headed the international business directorate of Alfa Capital Management Company. In 2018, he founded the company Fonemica, which is engaged in the development of speech recognition and speech synthesis technology, speech analytics, voice robots.

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