Conversational AI-based solutions that allow a business to provide customers with high-quality service and reduce staff costs

Voice bots can make and receive calls, speak in a natural human voice, identify customer questions and problems, solve them themselves, or send questions to specialists. Bots ask clarifying questions, advise clients, and independently conduct a dialogue according to the set scenarios. Clients are often confident that they are talking to live managers.



Simultaneously processing thousands of calls and working 24/7, a voice bot can replace an entire staff of operators and reduce business costs for additional personnel several times. Such systems can perform most of the routine tasks, relieving the burden of office workers and managers, thus increasing the efficiency of business processes.

Results in numbers:

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  1. Handling interruptions If the client interrupted the robot, then it stops and rebuilds the dialogue based on the client's new needs.
  2. Human voice The voice has no robotic notes at all. But if you want, you can always add them :-]
  3. Assessment of the client The robot understands when a person is not happy, does not want to talk or when he is rude :-[
  4. Lively intonations The robot speaks with intonation and the right emotion. He knows how to stretch the moments «emmm», «yeah» and much more!
  5. Remembering the dialogue If the dialogue is interrupted, the robot will automatically connect and continue from the desired location.
  6. Reporting on dialogues The technology is capable of analyzing arrays of speech data and providing them in the form of dashboards and xls reports of any complexity.
  7. Integration of bots Our voice bots easily integrate with websites, messengers, apps, online banking, databases and CRM.
  8. Skills for voice assistants We help to create skills for any voice assistants (from Google and Amazon) and interact with users through these channels.

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