Analysis of the content and meaning of texts. Evaluation of the emotions of employees and customers. Verification of speech compliance with scripts

Speech analytics allows you to recognize and translate spoken speech into text. This allows you to quickly search for the information you need, study the content of conversations, check the speech compliance with specified scripts, and much more.

Fonemica is one of the market leaders in the field of speech analytics. Our analytics platform can be easily integrated into mobile communications, landline phones, hardware, software and virtual PBXs, chats and messengers, CRM systems.


Speech analytics helps business leaders learn:

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Dividing audio tracks

The system divides audio streams into separate tracks - and understands what the agent (employee) is saying and what the client is saying.

It is possible to rewind the dialogue in the recording and listen to it from any place.

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Full text recognition

The platform analyzes 100% of the dialogues and translates the recorded speech (sound) into printed text. At the same time, the analytics system performs full-text recognition by roles and decrypts calls in the form of a dialogue.

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Key phrase statistics

The system allows you to assess the presence of keywords and expressions, categorize them, determine the subject of texts, conduct an automatic assessment of script compliance, instantly find the right words in dialogs, and much more.

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Customer loyalty assessment

The platform allows you to evaluate the results of dialogues (and determine the client's readiness for a deal) by keywords, the meaning of the proposals, the meaning of the dialogues and emotional background. The "warmth" gradation is determined when setting up the platform.

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