Accumulate data for subsequent speech analytics and start using a whole range of new technologies

Fonemica has developed a stereo voice recorder badge that provides high quality voice recording even in noisy rooms (for example, shopping malls, open-space zones of contact centers).


How it works

The set includes a dock-station and a set of badges. The stereo voice recorder-badge looks like a regular badge for employees, on which their name and position are recorded, but it also has the function of recording the speech of the interlocutors.


Speech recording is the first stage on which all other speech analytics processes are based. Accuracy and efficiency of the subsequent steps and decisions depend on the quality of the recording.

Existing technologies make it possible to record the speech of employees and customers almost imperceptibly and organically integrate these processes into the work of the entire company.

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Ergonomics. Ease of use for employee is provided by:

Technical advantages of the badge are:

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