Fonemica provides speech analytics & conversational AI solutions and helps companies to monitor 100% of customer interactions.

Solutions and products based on new NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies help businesses record, analyze, and apply a huge amount of speech information.

Fonemica develops and implements conversational artificial intelligence and speech analytics technologies and offers innovative products for business:


Рост продаж

Рост продаж

от 15% до 25%
Повышение качества обслуживания

Повышение качества обслуживания

до 2 раз
Рост эффективности

Рост эффективности

до 2.5 раз


The complete solution includes the following elements:
- speech recording (stereo voice recorder-badge Phonemics)
- speech recognition, speech analytics, speech synthesis ("Software (Software Tool" Speech Technologies Platform Fonemica v.1 "))
As well as consulting at all stages of implementation and training, both customer employees and software, taking into account the specifics of the business and the current market situation.

Key features of the solution:
- improving the quality of work at all stages (advertising and marketing, sale of goods and services, the performance of work and the provision of services);
- increase of work efficiency (reduction of time for such processes as control, training, execution);
- budget savings (reduction of unused resources, optimal selection of resources).

The main stages of the implementation of speech technologies are as follows:

- Testing.
Free period for exploring Fonemica software and / or products.

- Implementation.
The joint formation of the terms of reference for the project, the description of the architecture of the project, the adjustment of the technical documentation taking into account the performance of specific tasks, installation and integration with other solutions, if necessary, launching the work.

- Training.

Training of customer employees and Phonemics software, taking into account the specifics of the business, the market situation, adjusting tasks at the end of the pilot use period.

A key characteristic of speech technology is recording quality. Speech recognition (% recognition), and even more speech analytics (ratings, qualitative and quantitative characteristics) depend on this directly.
The use of a Fonemica recorder for recording a badge guarantees high recording quality, stereo recording - emphasizing the speech of employees and customers, and the battery and internal memory - a long time of continuous operation. Important: the voice recorder badge has a built-in light indication, warning in accordance with the law on the ongoing recording.
The Fonemica software recognizes and analyzes other sources of the audio stream (for example, voice recorders, smartphones and software clients Zoom, Teams, Skype and others).

The accuracy of speech analytics is influenced by the sets of keywords and phrases that the Fonemica software will search, read and analyze.
On the basis of these words, the accuracy of compliance with company standards (scripts), the message of the message to the client, the emotional background of the dialogue and its logic are determined.
As a result of the analysis, it is possible to obtain data both for adjusting standards (scripts) and topics for training specific employees.

The possibilities of speech synthesis depend on the complexity of the tasks:
- voice menu (IVR) - performs tasks to optimize incoming requests/calls. This is a greeting from customers and the initial distribution of requests based on recorded sample phrases;
- voice bot assistant - is responsible for both incoming and outgoing communications. At the same time, the voice assistant bot answers questions, responds to interruptions, distinguishes interjections and is practically indistinguishable from a living person.

Voice technology is useful in many industries and business processes:
- Marketing - receiving feedback from customers, monitoring the implementation of promotions, analyzing the results and prompt response to changes;
- PR - automatic notification, the formation of a positive background of messages about the company, its products and services;
- sales - monitoring compliance with company standards, increasing sales conversions, increasing additional sales;
- HR - assessment of learning outcomes and the formation of the curriculum, an objective rating of employees, assistance in the formation of a personnel reserve;
- legal issues - audit of problem situations, analysis of conflicts and claims;
- Security - fraud detection, response to threats, information leakage control;
- Company management - an objective assessment of the situation, clear monitoring results, accurate and prompt response to changes based on the data received.

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