On April 3, Igor Basko, co-founder and CEO of Fonemica, spoke at the Marketing & ML MeetUp'20 online conference on the use of AI & BigData in marketing. The events were organized by Sociaro.

Specialists in Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and marketing automation talked about trends in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in advertising, about solving non-trivial tasks, and how to integrate the latest technologies into business processes. The event was attended by experts from Google, Amazon, Sociaro, Neurodata Lab, Yandex, X5 Retail Group, AIC and Edadil.

At the conference, Igor Basko spoke about the automation of business processes using speech technologies and the benefits of introducing speech analytics, and also shared the company's cases. The event was attended by more than 1000 listeners from all over Russia.

The speaker — is Igor Basco, co-founder and CEO of Fonemica. Before starting the business, he worked in London as Vice President of Private Banking & Wealth Management J.P. Morgan, Germany - Vice President of Deutsche Bank's Personal Banking and Private Equity Management. He headed the international business directorate of Alfa Capital Management Company. In 2018, he founded the company Fonemica, which is engaged in the development of speech recognition and synthesis technology, speech analytics, voice robots.

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